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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  January 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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they worry the combative tone the campaign has taken over the past week could hurt the party when it comes to facing off against president obama in november. those attacks against romney have not hurt his front-runner status, but they may have eroded some of his support. the newest poll by suffolk university shows romney with 33%, down two from yesterday, and a full ten points from five days ago. ron paul is holding steady at 20%, as is jon huntsman in third place. both newt gingrich and rick santorum have gained some ground overnight, up to 11% and 10% respectively. >> stay with news4 and for coverage of the new hampshire primaries. join us for full coverage of the nation's first primary today and tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. president obama is taking his own shots at the republican candidates as voters head to the polls. speaking at a fundraiser in d.c., the president said candidates vying for his job are no different from the lawmakers
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opposing his policies on capitol hill. he said republicans both in congress and on the campaign trail are trying to roll back environmental protections, dismantle medicare, and gut the nation's infrastructure. it's the president's most explicit effort yet to tie the gop candidates to the unpopular republicans in congress. this morning you may want to give yourself extra time as you make your way to work and school because of the possible slick conditions from the melting snow. some people may have to brush off the snow or scrape off the ice from their cars, trucks, and suvs before getting on the roads. crews from maryland and northern virginia pretreated the roads to prepare for this morning's commute. also, walk carefully as you go on the metro. some of the sidewalks may not have been treated and could be slim, as well. this morning, page county schools in virginia will open two hours late today. we had that flurry of snow and cold weather. it was really pretty to look at, that's for sure. >> it was gorgeous.
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i was taking pictures all day long. you re-tweeted one of my pictures, thank you, tom. >> it was great. i said we'd see some flurries, and those were some flurries. >> herndon, virginia, sticking to the ground. >> kids trying to catch the snowflakes on their tongues. it was fun. >> it was one of those events, a ten-mile might have wide ban of accumulateding snow, very difficult to predict. those are the things that fall through the cracks of predictability. here this morning we're dealing with the aftermath, mostly in the form of fog. there's a live view from the city camera showing fog around the region, along the potomac river there. the live view from the city camera. the city's lost in the fog. 34 at reagan national. a light southwesterly breeze. temperatures elsewhere are a little below freezing across parts of northern virginia and maryland. watch out for slick spots especially on ramps and bridge. and the view from space showing the low fog and a little patchy ice around, too, at the surface.
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watch for that. again, mostly on bridges and ramps. elsewhere, the road temperatures are actually above freezing. i don't think we'll have a lot of icy not around this morning. a big problem will be the fog with us through the next several hours. then sun breaking out by mid morning. then a sunny afternoon with highs around 50 degrees. sunrise 7:26. sunset at 5:05. the evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic, good morning, danella. good morning. as you said, foggy on a lot of our roadways. the wilson bridge now, visibility can be low. so give yourself extra time if possible while fog is in progress. then also some of the roadways, bridges and ramps may be slick from yesterday's snow. just be careful of that. if you're crossing over the wilson bridge, lanes are open. only problem i'm seeing this morning is fog. not seeing a lot of accidents which is good. definitely no delays. here the beltway in maryland. again, your lanes are open, you're clear. no accident. definitely seeing fog on the beltway in maryland and on the beltway in virginia. back in ten minutes with another
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look at traffic. back to you all. >> all right. thank you. metro's general manager is unveiling a new budget proposal that includes fare hikes. it would raise the maximum smarttrip peak cost of $5.75 and $3.50 for off-peak hours. paper fare cards face the biggest change. every ride with a fare card will cost you at least $4. you'll pay a one-way flat fee whether you go one stop or ride the whole line. $6 during rush hour, $4 in off-peak times. smarttrip bus fares would increase ten cents to $1.60. parking will also go up 25 cents. stay tuned for "news4 today," metro g.m. richard sarles will be here live to discuss the proposed changes. a man convicted of 11 federal felony charges will learn his fate. jason scott admitted to committing more than 50 burglaries and nine armed home invasions before being arrested in 2009. he was found guilty of armed
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carjacking, theft of firearms, and also production of child pornography. no matter the actual sentence, scott will spend the rest of his life in federal prison as the mandatory minimum sentence for his case is 97 years. scott also faces separate murder charges later this year in the killing of a mother and daughter in prince george's county. this morning a woman is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after she was stabbed multiple times at a loudoun county shopping center. it happened last night at cedar lake plaza in sterling, virginia. a spokeswoman for the loudoun county sheriff's office says the 35-year-old woman was stabbed in the stomach. she says it was domestic violence and not a random attack. >> she was in her vehicle. apparently it seems like she got out of the vehicle, and some type of altercation allegedly occurred. it seems like the stabbing resulted as a domestic altercation, or it's domestic related. >> no word if deputies made an
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arrest or if they are looking for a suspect. this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of their loved one killed over a pair of $200 sneakers. police say 19-year-old david robinson and his cousin were waiting at a bus stop in northeast washington when men in an suv pulled up, stole his nike rookie shoes, and started shooting. robinson was shot and died at the hospital. >> for him to die this way and for them to take just some tennis shoes that they could have got themselves, i would rather for them to just beat him up and take the shoes than to actually kill him. >> police say there's evidence that shots were also fired at the getaway car which could help the investigation. police are offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case. today, d.c. council chairman kwame brown will hold a meeting,
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four days after harry thomas jr. resigned in disgrace. last week he pled guilty to stealing $350,000 in funds intended for youth organization and tax evasion. thomas will be sentenced in may. he faces up to four years in prison. people living in ward five which covers northeast washington met last night for a community meeting. they talked it the challenges ahead, and tonight they will hear from chairman brown. the meeting is at 7:00 at metropolitan baptist church on the 1400 block of 1st street northwest. starting today parents of d.c. students can find out just how well their schools are performing on standardized testing. it's part of a school-by-school campus performance reporting system. school chancellor henderson says parents have unprecedented transparency and information on the school's performance on annual testing and extracurricular activities. henderson says parents can make more informed decisions about their child's education. in virginia, governor bob mcdonnell is pushing for a
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repeal of what's known as the kings dominion law. the law passed back in the 1980s says schools cannot start until after labor day. it was passed to help the state's tourism industry. mcdonnell and many educators say the forced late start puts student at a disadvantage for national exams. mcdonnell also called for the creation of an annual review process for teachers which would remove substandard teachers, effectively ending tenure for many teachers. harmless school or work or racially insensitive? the assignment that has teachers under fire. he was shown the door after a sex abuse scandal hit penn state. that's not keeping joe paterno from giving pack to the school. and you are going to find yourself in the fog as you step out the doing. take a look outside. tom has a look at how the day is shaping up.
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(ringing) hello? this is the sea calling. the sea? yeah! (laughing) what's it like there? brrrrrrr! how do you deal with that? a coat, a hat. gloves. scraping ice off a car. (making scraping noises) i don't want to rub it in, but where i am, it's 82 and sunny. get me outta here! (laughing)
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weather and traffic on the 1s, 4:41 a.m. tom kierein, storm center 4. freezing through parts of maryland, virginia, the eastern shore. away from the water, watch out, there could be patchy ice on bridge and overpasses. the lingering moisture from yesterday. also patching, dense fog around the region, especially in virginia where visibilities have been lower, down to a quarter mile or less.
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necessary a live view from the city camera. fog at national airport. by this morning, by mid morning, we'll have the sunshine breaking out and the fog dissipating. a lot of sun this afternoon as we climb into the upper 40s and low 50s. a delightful afternoon. then a clear evening, sun sets at 5:05. we'll be down to near 40 by midnight. a look at big change on the way for the end of the week and weekend as well as for tomorrow. all of that coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? let's start in anne arundel county. we have debris in the roadway. westbound route 100 at the ramp to coca-cola drive. use caution when you're exiting on to the ramp. now traveling i-95, as tom mentioned, we're seeing a lot of low fog in virginia. it continues on i-95 as you head north on i-95, this is view at backlick road. give yourself extra time. may be difficult to see. continuing on to 395, lanes are open. no accidents to report. on 395, we are seeing fog, as well as as you cross over the 14th street bridge. you're clear into the city, but a little foggy out.
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give yourself extra time. angie and eun, back to you. >> thank you. 4:42. 32 degrees. taking more than possessions, the priceless item one maryland woman says burglars took from her. my greatest creation was you -- >> using the emotions of being a new dad to write a new song. jay-z's message to his b ♪
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richard to the sideline, end zone -- how about that? finally a touchdown between these two! >> alabama didn't even need those sick points to prove they deserved the national title as they rolled over the lsu tigers 21-0. the first shutout in bcs championship history, revenge for the tide who lost to the
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tigers earlier this year 9-6. defense again dominated this game with alabama only able to kick field goals until late in the fourth quarter. it's alabama's second national title in three years. congrats. the national championship also provided a highlight for one local school. battlefield high school's marching band played and marched during the halftime of the alabama-lsu game. it was part of a two-day trip to new orleans for the band in which they competed in the national marching band championships and won. congratulations to them for a great job. a once-in-a-lifetime experience and winning that competition. all right. wonderful. just weeks after penn state fired him, former football head coach joe paterno and his wife donated $100,000 to the university. paterno's wife told reporters the donation is an annual gift to the school's fellows program, as well as to the paterno library. the money helps students study abroad and pursue internships. paterno was fired last november in the wake of the child sex
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abuse scandal with former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. school officials in atlanta are deciding whether to discipline teachers who gave third grade students math homework with word problems about slavery. the district is working with the school principal to address the problem after parents complained about the worksheets. one of the math problems reads, "each tree has 56 oranges. if eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?" the teachers involved say they were attempting to incorporate what students were discussing in social studies with their math work. the naacp wants the teachers fired. there will be a public memorial today for a mt. rainier park ranger gunned down. margaret anderson was shot at mt. rainier national park on new year's day. she was trying to catch a man who didn't stop at a checkpoint. police say 24-year-old benjamin barnes killed anderson. he was an army veteran who suffered from post traumatic stress. the 24-year-old was found dead in a creek later.
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an autopsy revealed he drowned. this morning, a montgomery county woman is offering a cash reward to anyone who can help her find a stolen flip camera. the $50 item has memories money can't buy. rainy foster says thieves broke into her bethesda home late december, stealing electronics, jewelry, and other personal items. she says the burglars stole a flip cam containing priceless video of her late husband, bill foster. he died two weeks ago this week in a small plane crash. she says the flip camera had a short video of her husband holding the family cat. she shot it three days before he died. >> i just wonder if these thieves have a heart because if there were any way i could just get that footage back, i would be happy. >> foster said she watched the video all the time. if you have any information, call montgomery county police. police in the district are searching for armed men in connection with a robbery spree in northwest. three robberies happened over the course of ten minutes
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beginning at 6:30 sunday night. they happened on warren street and on porter street in cleveland park and on 39th street in friendship heights. police say a handgun was shown in at least one of the incidents. no one was hurt. don't be alarmed tonight if you see fighter jets flying over d.c. tonight it's just a training exercise for norad. the group is planning training flights to test a visual warning system, as well as norad's rapid response capability. the exercise will use f-16s and the u.s. coast guard helicopter. the flights are expected to occur between midnight and 2:00 in the morning. today the supreme court will hear arguments between the fcc and television stations over free speech rights. broadcast networks believe the fcc's indecency regulations are violating their free speech rights. networks argue that because of advances in technology, parents can choose for themselves what's considered appropriate. they also say the current rules are so broad and vague stations are unsure what's allowed and what is not.
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rapper snoop dogg is in trouble with the law after a drug-sniffing dog uncovered marijuana on his tour bus. the 40-year-old rapper was arrested over the weekend at a border patrol checkpoint in texas. he was arrested at the same checkpoint where country singer willie nelson was busted for possessing marijuana in 2010. snoop dogg was issued a citation for misdemeanor drug possession and released. ♪ the most amazing feeling i feel words can't describe but the feeling for real ♪ ♪ baby i paint the sky blue my greatest creation was you ♪ ♪ you >> through a rap verse, jay-z confirms the birth of his newborn daughter. the song "glory" made its debut on line yesterday. his wife beyonce gave birth to the couple's first child, blue ivy, on saturday. in the song jay-z says the child was conceived in paris and reveals beyonce had a
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miscarriage at one point. this is the couple's first child. >> congratulations. catchy tune. >> yeah. >> only the baby of beyonce and jay-z welcomed into the world with a rap. >> their own ballad. >> the most influential hip-hop ha artist of our time. driving in from virginia, no snow but fog. >> that's going going to be the biggest problem. with the lingering snow event, we might have iciness on bridges and overpasses and ramps, elevated ramps this morning. we've got the fog. there's national airport. it's in the fog this morning. visibility there is about a half a mile. and it's 34 degrees with a southwesterly breeze around five to ten miles per hour. elsewhere, temperatures arenary or a little below freezing. so watch out for some patchy ice on some of the roadways and especially, again, ramps and bridges that are still wet from yesterday's precipitation. and it's just near 30 in prince george's, arlington, fairfax,
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and montgomery countys. we do have quite a bit of fog hanging in. here's the view from space. we have patchy ice. watch for that. it's going to be with us until 8:00 or 9:00. sunrise at 7:26. by 9:00. we ought to get the sun breaking out, fog dissipating. sun this afternoon, warming to the upper 40s and low 50s by mid-afternoon. and then this evening under a clear sky, we'll be in the 40s. near 40 by midnight. sunset at 5:05. tomorrow, we'll have increasing clouds and a likelihood of rain moving in, especially by noontime and during the afternoon into the evening hours. we'll have that rain. could get one to two inch of rain tomorrow. highs in the upper 40s. maybe some lingering showers thursday morning. a little sun back thursday afternoon. highs, low to mid 50s. and then on friday, partly cloudy and turning colder. we'll drop out of the 40s friday afternoon all the way down to near 20 by dawn on saturday. saturday should be sunny, into the upper 30s. a cold day sunday, too. and a lot of clouds around. then for martin luther king jr.
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day on monday, should be warming with sunshine back. danella, how's traffic? good morning. checking travel speeds in our area, you're zooming along actually. traveling 50 from 301 to the beltway. you're at 65 miles per hour. not so bad. i-95, good travel speed here, as well. 63 miles per hour heading northbound. a lot of fog on the roadway. give yourself some extra time. 66, as well, good travel speed. 58 mile-per-hour from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. i-66 at actually road, again, very thick fog, give yourself extra time. no accidents on i-66 outside or inside of the beltway. i'm back in ten with a look at your rails. back to you. >> thank you, danella. the road has been a very lonely place for the capitals this season. and their latest trip out west is no exception. the l.a. kings pounded the caps last night 5-2. it is the second game in a row. the team gave up five goals. marcus johanson scored the caps'
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only two goals. they were missing two players, both sent home early to nurse injuries. after seeing their 11-game winning streak snapped last weekend, the georgetown hoyas were trying to keep their home winning streak alike the hoyas played the cincinnati bearcats at the verizon center last night. georgetown was down by two with ten seconds left. otto porter trying to get to the hoop when he steps out of bounds. oh! look at the replay -- his right heel barely goes out of bounds. they defeat the hoyas 68-64. georgetown's second straight loss. it's all right, we're coming back. after getting snubbed in the original selections -- whoo -- a washington written is named a pro bowler. lyndon fletcher is going to hawaii. his 30s straight appearance in the pro bowl. he replaces bears' linebacker brian urlacher who hurt his knee. fletcher led the nfl with 166 tackles, a career high. the pro bowl is set for january
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29. you can see the game here on nbc 4. we're excited. >> we are, finally. >> well deserved. >> uh-huh. the time is just six minutes away from the start of the 5:00 hour. coming up, showing off the next big thing. some of the hot new items you'll find at this year's consumer electronics show. plus, the price of bankruptcy. why one local store's financial troubles had c
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looking for the next high-tech gadget? you're in luck. the consumer electronics show is underway in las vegas. microsoft announced new nokia and htc titan phones using windows phone software that will be available later this year. plus, there's smart-tv and soon refrigerators -- get this -- they're going to text you when it's running low on milk. >> like every other day for me in my house. apple is teaming up with target to sell its products. >> wow. >> apple is reportedly opening up about 25 mini stores inside select targets across the country. apparently apple is trying to reach people that may not be near or live near a full apple store. neither store would comment. no word on which targets would get the apple stores or when they would open. local photo shop penn camera is accepting gift cards this morning after taking heat from customers. the their week a memo near the register told customers that
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gift cards would no longer be honored. that surprised shoppers who came to use the cards after the company filed for bankrupt. they told customers to seek reimbursement through credit card companies through a dispute charge. yesterday the company reversed the policy. >> it was a wonderful move that they decided to honor these gift cards. and now if they decide to stay in business and reorganize, i will absolutely come back to penn camera. >> penn camera has been in the washington area for nearly 60 years. five of the eight locations have already closed. >> they have such a strong following. this is the go-to place. i googled them -- message boards just blowing up about the closures of penn camera. >> it goes to show, people do everything through smartphones, internet. it's just -- >> you have so many stores that carry the same type of products. >> it's tough. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.


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